Trucking Company Security Risks | Cargo theft, Internal Financial Crime, and Cyber Attacks

Trucking companies face a unique set of security risks that must be addressed in order to protect their assets, employees, and customers. These risks can come from both internal and external sources, and can have significant consequences if not properly managed. One major risk for trucking companies is cargo theft. Trucks are often targeted by […]

How should bystanders respond to an Active Shooter Situation | RUN > HIDE > FIGHT

How should bystanders respond to an Active Shooter Situation An active shooter situation is a terrifying and chaotic event that can happen anywhere, at any time. As a bystander, it is important to understand what to do in order to be safe and protect yourself and others. The first and most important action to take […]

Coronavirus: Some Ohio Sheriffs suspending CCW applications and renewals

Bee-Safe Security has learned that due to health concerns about COVID-19, some Ohio Sheriff offices are temporarily suspending applications and renewals for Concealed Handgun Licenses, or limiting hours for license processing. The policies on CCW applications varies from county to county. It is unclear at this time how long the situation will last although it appears […]

What Security Personnel and Law Enforcement Need to Know about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

During this worldwide COVID-19 crisis, law enforcement and private security personnel are not only expected to continue their usual levels of service to the public, but are also expected to assist in community and government efforts combating the virus. It is important that private security officers and LEOs are aware of the following information: Below […]