AI Video Security Analytics

Bee-Safe’s video analytics protocol provides an intelligent new layer of security and awareness for home, business owners, schools, and government buildings. Object classification and object tracking technology can distinguish between people, vehicles and animals, determine an object’s direction of movement, and measure the duration of activity.

Our advanced AI Video Security solution includes a Gun Detection feature capable of seeing through clothing.
On detection the system can be programmed to trigger alerts such as SMS text messages.

Line Crossing Detection

Send alerts when objects or people cross a virtual fence with single- or bi-direction settings.

Intrusion Zones

Recognizes and sends alerts when an object enters a designated area in the field of view.

Human and Vehicle Detection

Detects humans, motor vehicls and non-motor vehicles.

Defocus Detection

Notifies of loss of image sharpness due to defocusing or reduced clarity of image due to dirt on the lens.

Face Detection

Identifies and captures when there is a human face present in the field of view.

Object Removal/Left Behind

Detect when stationary objects are removed or when stationary objects appear in the field of view.

Tamper Detection

Sends an alert when the camera field of view has been significantly altered or blocked.

Scene Change Detection

Detects abrupt changes in the content of the scene being monitored.

Region Enter/Exit

Sends an alert if the viewing angle changes, or has been blocked.

Audio Exception Detection*

Detect and alert for sudden changes in sound intensity. *Requires cameras with built-in mics.

Person Counting

Provides directional counting of persons across a defined line.

Heat Mapping

Tracks objects in the field of view and provides a visual representation to help understand traffic patterns.