20-hour OPOTA Private Security Firearms Training

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Ohio Requirements for Armed Security

In strict compliance with Ohio Revised Code 4749.10, mandated by the State of Ohio Attorney General, states:

  • that any individual desiring work as an armed uniformed private security officer must successfully complete a basic firearm training program at a training school approved by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission,
  • which includes twenty hours of training in handgun use.
  • this course consists of  classroom training where Student Performance Objectives (SPOs) regarding the use of force, firearm safety and range safety rules are taught and tested.
  • the classroom portion also includes basic fundamentals of pistol craft, firearm nomenclature, fight-or-flight response and how it affects you physically and mentally and other aspects of carrying and using a firearm.
  • the range portion consists of holster drills, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger press and much more,
  • also included during range portion is live fire training and completing the SPOs to demonstrate firearms proficiency.


What to bring:

  1. Handgun of any caliber.
  2. Minimum 50 rounds of ammunition.
  3. Eye & ear protection.
  4. Lunch/Snacks/Drinks.
  5. *Handgun & ammo is available for an additional $50.

Important Info:

  1. Do not bring loaded firearm into the training academy. Keep ammunition locked in your vehicle and only bring your secured unloaded handgun into the classroom. Bee-Safe’s Ohio Armed Security Training Course / 20 Hour OPOTA will qualify students to worked in armed private security

What to expect during a 20 Hour OPOTA Course?

Bee Safe is proud to serve the Northwest Ohio community in part by offering affordable firearm courses. When you come to our Training Academy on the day of the course you should arrive on time. If you did not register online you must must bring cash. Please do not bring loaded firearms or ammunition into the classroom. Ammunition must be left in your vehicle! 

You may bring your unloaded firearm into the classroom in a secured case.

The 20 Hr OPOTC class will begin at 8am with a short video introduction and the instructor will proceed with the syllabus. There will be 16 hours of classroom time which includes the opportunity for attendees to ask questions. Students will then drive to Bee-Safe‘s outdoor shooting range for 4 hours of training.

Once range time has ended the instructor will sign the 20 Hour OPOTA certificates. This certificate will also qualify students to apply for a CCW Permit at the county’s Sheriff’s Office.

Can I use a .22 caliber handgun at the shooting range?

No, .22 caliber handguns are not permitted for use in the 20 Hour OPOTA Course.

Can I use an AR-15 Pistol at the shooting range?

No, AR-15 pistols are not permitted for use in the 20 Hour OPOTA Course as mandated by Ohio Law.